Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper 

Are you looking for the perfect toilet paper to use at home, in the office or school or community sporting group?
A paper that is gentle on the environment, gentle on your body and also helps thousands of women and children around the world?

Well - we have supplies of WGAC Toilet Paper - Who Gives A Crap - and we have Premium Rolls

You can buy a whole carton of Paper depending on your needs (that's 48 double length premium rolls)
or share a carton between neighbours or families and it's only $56.00 per carton.

50% of all the profits from the company in Melbourne who makes this
environmentally sustainable toilet paper goes to placing toilets in
third world countries where drinking water is polluted by poor sanitation
or where women and children risk being raped by having to use a
field or toilet far away from their home.

St Augustine Serving Ministry Team is pleased to make this available

Please call the church office 08 97914157 or email us at staugustineuca@internode.on.net
to order your boxes.

If you want to know the story of Who Gives A Crap - please check out their web site

Working together to make our world and environment safe for all children and women and men