Please join in as you are able

Christmas Eve - 24 December

9.30 am   Re-discovering the meaning of Christmas through a collection of gifts that contain various parts of the story of the Birth of Jesus from the point of view of different characters in the story .... and of course some of the well known and loved songs of Christmas.

11.15 am   Our weekly half hour Communion Service featuring a Summer Theme and Christmas songs

6.30 pm      A Service full of Peter Coombes Christmas Music with a band and singers and an opportunity for all ages to be involved in making your own 'Nativity Story Mini Bunting' to take home.

 Christmas Day 25 December

8.30 am  Our Christmas Day Service will bring together various parts of the Gospels, with drama, songs and prayers.

If you wish to donate to the Christmas Bowl, please place your gift in one of the Christmas Bowl envelopes available in the church foyer.